Rapid Application Development for Hadoop, Spark, and More.

An easy and intuitive platform to rapidly build Big Data Applications.
No special Hadoop Know-How required. Deploy and run anywhere.

HBuilder helps you build cutting edge applications

based on Hadoop, Spark & Co. to take on your Big Data challenges.

Faster Time-To-Market. Improve Productivity.

Go from prototype to production in minutes.

Ease your learning curve and re-use all your skills.

Reduce costs, speed up processing and increase flexibility.

Build Next-Gen Apps to

... use Machine Learning to get new insights

... analyze IoT data streams and devices

... offload your Data Warehouse

or just massively speed up your batch processing

Rapid Development is the Key to becoming Data-Driven.

Hadoop and Spark allow you to process huge data sets in extremely short time windows.
To really build an agile, fast-moving business, you need quick development.
Building applications for Big Data has to be as fast as executing them.

For Technologists :

HBuilder allows you to develop and run next-gen applications on Hadoop and Spark. HBuilder includes a library that makes app development much, much simpler.

One UI, All of Hadoop.

HBuilder offers a modern Web UI and graphical wizards to develop Big Data applications.

  • One clean UI hides many complex components.
  • Easy to learn and simple to develop.
  • Build applications using only your browser.
Comes with Building Blocks.

The HBuilder Service Library comes with many functions that give you a head-start.

  • No need for boilerplate code.
  • Skip repetition and boredom.
  • Apply your expertise to the problem..
Many Little Helpers.

Use various convenient and easy tools to build your application.

  • Edit Business Rules in the HBuilder Rule Editor
  • Define Transformation graphically or with XSLT.
  • Use Scripting for rapid development
Manage Big (Test) Data.

Generate high-quality test data in minutes. Get started right away.

  • Generate High-Fidelity Test Data Sets
  • Complex Generation Logic to Create Stochastic Data Sets.
  • Works for Static and Streaming Data

For Managers :

Leverage Hadoop for the Enterprise. Apply the raw power of clusters of commodity servers to your processing needs and create a truely agile IT.

Rapid Development.

Get to business agility by developing your next-gen apps much faster.

  • Accelerate Development
  • Shorter Time-To-Market
  • Increase ROI on your Big Data Investment
Manage Skills Better.

Deep Big Data expertise is scarce. Get a leg up on your competition.

  • Re-Use Existing Teams and Skills
  • Lower Barrier of Entry, "Make it easy"
  • Give your existing team a vision/motivation for the future
  • Avoid talent-war, top-notch expertise in Big Data is scarce
Higher Productivity, Reduced Costs.

The faster you develop your Big Data applications , the faster you will reap the return.

  • Bridging the gap: get IT and business closer together
  • Quickly assemble applications, don't build from the ground up.
  • Use pre-built services and building blocks.
Increase Flexibility.

Technical flexibility directly translates into business agility. And it saves you money, too.

  • High-level, declarative development, not low-level coding.
  • Keep the ability to innovate: retain the ability to switch
  • No component-lock-in,
Explore the Whole Jungle.
Have No Fear.

The Hadoop ecosystem is flourishing, dynamic, innovative and diverse but it is also wild and challenging. Reaping its benefits does not come for free.

Getting the most out of your Big Data cluster requires expert knowledge.

Or the right tool.

Eliminate Complexity. Innovate Faster.

Dramatically Simplify Big Data Development. And Still Keep All Its Power.

Hadoop is a highly innovative platform with many new components innovating to deliver the best performance. Keeping up-to-date is very time-consuming and gets in the way of delivering results. HBuilder lets you harness the power of innovation without getting lost in low-level details.

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Big Data App Development made easy.

Get rid of low-level plumbing and coding.
Assemble your application from pre-built building blocks.

Use higher abstractions and focus on your business challenges. No more line-by-line debugging and time-consuming micro-development. Use graphical wizards to assemble your application. Deploy and run with a few clicks, rapidly and efficiently.

Develop in your web browser.

Deploy and run anywhere with a few clicks.

HBuilder lets deploys and runs your Big Data application on all major distributions and both on-premise or in the Cloud.

One-Click Deployment directly from HBuilder, supports Amazon EMR and Microsoft HDInsight, works with all major Hadoop distributions, build applications using only your web browser.

Make your Big Data project a success!

Simplify development: Flatten your learning curve, no need to learn all the complicated APIs
Re-Use skills: Deliver apps with your existing team
Accelerate: Deliver apps faster and with less stress
Generate code: Support multiple platforms, no lock-in, always use the latest technology

Build all kinds of Next-Gen Apps with HBuilder.

HBuilder allows you to develop many different types of applications. From individual source modules you can import into your own development environment to completely integrated applications that can be accessed by business users to service APIs that can be consumed by external applications.

Build Asynchronous Batch Jobs

Massively speed up your batch processing. Eliminate bottlenecks and make IT really agile.

Write Re-Usable Modules

Include HBuilder-modules in your custom IDE/development projects. Let your highly skilled Data Engineers and Data Scientists focus on the tough problems.

Develop Interactive Applications

Build complete, end-to-end Cluster applications with graphical interfaces and give business experts access to the power of Big Data.

Expose Big Data Apps as REST Services

Give other applications access to Hadoop and infuse your entire application landscape with Big Data Intelligence.


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