Wireframe was founded in March 2012 to help companies apply advanced software technologies to solve tough challenges.

The team has several decades of experience working with clients such as BP, Deutsche Telekom, Jaguar Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, ABN Amro and SAP. We have implemented a range of Enterprise-critical projects, from Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions to Online-Transaction Processing systems like ERP and CRM. The central theme throughout all these years has consistently been the same: using cutting-edge IT technology to make our clients more successful.

We are based in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, in the heart of Europe and work with customers on a worldwide basis.

What We Focus On:

We use three elements to address that challenge and be successful:

Advanced Software Engineering

A deep understanding of the core IT technologies is absolutely required: this ranges from programming languages (Java, JavaScript, Scala, ABAP) and programming paradigms (procedural, object-oriented, functional) to data representation formats to computer architecture.

Combining IT and Business

We are technologists but we take great effort to have deep relationships with business. Because we come with a broad business background - ranging from risk management in Banks to inventory optimization in manufacturing - we are able to translate high-tech lingo into something that is meaningful to business users.

Solid Risk Management

Working with IT innovations for a long time, we have learned about the importance of risk management: IT innovations are sometimes over-hyped and sometimes misunderstood. Business experts have troubles understanding where, when and how to leverage these innovations. Very often the decision will be to stick with established technologies, wasting the opportunity to massively boost your business.

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