Big Data Applications tailored to your business needs.

BDABuilder helps you build Big Data Applications for your business.

Big Data Apps for Next-Gen Use Cases

Be the Big Data Hero for your business. Give them the applications they need to succeed.

Blazingly fast Batch Applications for your Transactional Systems, offloading your Data Warehouse with extremely cost-efficient ETL, predicting the future with advanced Machine Learning or managing IoT data streams in realtime

Whether it's minimizing inventory costs, predicting future demand, optimizing your Supply Chain, offloading your Data Warehouse or better managing financial risks ...
HBuilder helps you do just that.

Run domain-specific business logic. Without getting distracted by low-level complexities.

Business Applications

All transactional applications need to analyze their operational data in order to improve decision making or to maximize their output. They usually come in the form of batch applications that contain very domain-specific business logic. Examples include:

Manufacturing: Backorder Analysis.

Finance: Anti-Money Laundering.

Sales: Customer Segmentation.

HBuilder simplifies that and speeds both the development and the execution of Hadoop-business apps up.

Data Warehousing

Classic Business Intelligence architectures put a central Data Warehouse at their core. Populating that DWH with data from different source systems requires a very resource-intensive process, usually designated as Extract-Load-Transform (ETL). By offloading the DWH HBuilder helps you to get more value of this premium IT component. Any by keeping the complete history of your business data available, it creates a High-Speed Corporate Memory.

Data Science

Technological progress allows to collect and process increasingly large data sets from a variety of sources. Analyzing them using advanced algorithms gives you new insights. But now these insights will not only explain what happened in the past but what is most likely to happen in future.

Tools: R, Spark MLLib, PySci, ...

Methods: Clustering, Classification, Regression, Time-Series.

Applications: Market Segmentation, Customer Behaviour, Inventory Optimization, ...

HBuilder allows Application Developers to build Predictive Analytics Apps without a PhD in Mathematics or AI.

Internet of Things

Technical progress makes it possible to monitor and capture more and more data from external sensors. Those data sets will provide completely new insights into product usage and customer behaviour. Realizing those benefits will require that you master a new set of technical challenges: process and analyze streams of Big Data nonstop. HBuilder simplifies development of IoT applications and gives you a familiar, graphical environment to do that.

HBuilder FAQ


We are using various Hadoop components, e.g. oozie, knox, hive, etc. Are they still needed?

HBuilder looks very interesting but we need to remain open. What about Vendor lock-in?

Positioning vis-a-vis other Hadoop vendors?

Positioning vs. Data Wrangling tools.

We have already good Hadoop expertise. How can BHBuilder help us?

We have set up our Big Data infrastructure. Will HBuilder fit in?


Yes. Complementary, hiding, wrapping.

One Tool, running on top of Hadoop/Spark, no dependency/lock-in at all.

Distros are platforms, not tools

Apps vs Data Wrangling

Let you build routine/standard stuff quicker and lets you focus on the challenging bits.

HBuilder works in any environment and supports a lot of Hadoop components. Quick and easy install, just a modest server is required.


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